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The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of by Ricky

I have a confession!  I thought that this story was initially meant as a parody, but it was apparent from the author's notes at the end that it was not intended as such.  Well I think I could be forgiven for the mistake.  With a lead character called Tad Bit Gay, it was an easy mistake to make.

This story is unbelieveable in so many of its aspects, and is titled perfectly.  Your chance to meet, and come to love Tad and Andy the two thirteen year olds, their Aunt Gladys,  Markie and his twelve year old twin and full time nymphomaniac brother Toome. Not to mention Chandler the goat! Pat the fireman and a host of other wonderfully drawn and fun characters.

This story is full of sex and full of love, but it's not all fun and games and has some incredibly sad and moving passages as well.  Lots of words of wisdom for the searching young reader too. A fabulous read - stick with it even if (heaven forbid) you get a little weary of the endless sex of the first few chapters!

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