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Happy gymnast

I'm not a sports fan. As a child I was decidedly un-athletic other than making it to the school swimming team.  This photograph is one from many thousands of superb images of young people involved in sport to be found at http://www.ehm.cz/ .  The grace, control and sheer beauty of some of the gymnasts particularly I find moving and wonderful.  I may be no sportsman, but I absolutely admire the dedication of both the children and their families and coaches that have produced such a joyous expression of humanity.  I could spend hours browsing there, and hope you will enjoy the images too.


Freckles and Serious

Love you too

Robert Papp illustration from "The Last Brother"

I have never read Trinka Hakes-Noble's The Last Brother A Civil War Tale but the illustrations from Robert Papp are finely done and capture some of the awful sadness of boys who should be in school caught up in the uniforms of war.

First Day of My Life from The Divine Byzantine Crypt

This image is from a set by Lydia Panas.  I liked all her photos, but thought this set particularly caught the feelings of anticipation and fear and loneliness of the start of a new school.  It certainly reminded me of starting at boarding school.

Black and White Smile

White Shirt and Smile

Just Hanging - via Sockboyz

No sweat

Net benefits