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Perhaps the writing has been on the wall for a while.  I seldom have time to update the site and now next year's bill of £350 is looming.  QS has been great fun and I know that there have been literallly thousands of followers over the few years we have had.  I have enjoyed reading the stories and I hope ocassionally getting an author or two some attention that they might not otherwise have had.  I have always enjoyed hearing from readers of the site.

I know the pictures are what draw many here, and I'm glad they have been enjoyed too, and hope that those who only came to look sometimes went on to read.

If you would like to take on QS, name and site then I would love to hear from you and we can try and organise that, but as I say it is not an inexpensive exercise, bandwidth usage being around the 70-100 GB / month serving 500-1000 users a day. Of course there is no reason why a new owner could not move to text only or what ever to cut the bandwidth. If nobody does take it on, then someday fairly soon the lights will go out and we shall be no more.

Any changes and I will let you know, but for now a fond farewell, keep reading and keep letting the authors know how much you appreciated what you have read.


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Wednesday Night Boys by Arsenic Jade

The abused rent boy theme has been explored many times even amongst the few stories reviewed on this site.  Some give a feel for the awful existence that it must be for most of those who are part of of it. This story which is a substantial read, despite using only a single page, skillfully wraps a touching but hard love story between three pimped boys working the streets of San Francisco.

The writing is sharp and as unsentimental as the boys circumstances. The emotional ties between the boys and indeed on occasion between the boys and their clients are thoughtfully explored. Powerful stuff as they say.

The author asked that I not link directly to the story so I shall leave you to the title and the search engine of your choice!

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Wandervogel by Solticeman

Europe's history is not a history it can always be proud of, any more than the history of any other continent I suppose, but amid all the horror and shame of the past there are always tales to be told of what is good in humans, the power of kindness and the immeasurable strength of deserved respect.  This story that pulls much of its narrative from real history but skillfully and believably entwines just such a tale of humanity is an interesting and enthralling read, touching and perceptive in its telling.

The twenty three chapters are well written and the main characters thought provoking in their actions and the innocence of their intentions given the time and place, Nazi ruled Germany during the latter part of the second world war.  It is a work of fiction, but much that is stranger than fiction has come from that period in history sadly, or gladly perhaps, this one could be all too true.

Read it at awesomedude

Flying a Plane

I was put in mind of a little tale penned many moons ago which can still be found on iomfats

Bring on the Rain by Soleste81

The daunting 56 chapters of this tale actually pass relatively quickly as we follow the awful and almost farcically unlucky life of sixteen year old Camryn.

To say that this story is overdone is probably hardly preparing you for it.  This is to angst and hospital drama as Hello Kitty is to kitsch.  Chapter 49 begins:

"Again. I can't believe this. I have once again woken up in a damn hospital room. How many times is this now?"

How many times indeed?!! 

Despite all this I got rather wrapped up in the story and having read through to the end found that I had enjoyed it, although I accept that you may not do the same and may never return to this site for a recommendation!  Please don't do that!  The writing does have humour and the characters, if not always believable are seldom not interesting.  Have a go and and if you hate it just chalk it off to experience.

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Unfinished Symphony by Alan Dwight

Some time ago I saw the film "Ways to Live Forever" based on Sally Nicholls's book of the same title about a boy dealing with leukemia. Alan Dwight's story deals with leukemia too.  Both are very decent and unsentimental tales that left me full of admiration for the fictional characters, and in awe of the real characters who deal with with terminal illness in our real and imperfect world.

Unfinished Symphony moved me greatly.  The characters are very credible and the author taps in to a dignity and seriousness that it is sometimes easy to forget is there in young people along with the fun and laughter and the angst and melodrama.  I shall return to this story and read it again another day. 

Read it at awesomedude

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